The Antithesis of Reporting the “News”

In the midst of completing my most recent book, Oh Really, O’Reilly! I did a “live” diatribe on how I or any other intelligent and informed person (not informed because he or she listens to the Establishment Media – that, of course, would be the polar opposite thereof) could write for the OEM (Obsolete Establishment Media – I absolutely refuse to legitimize them by mindlessly referring to them as the “mainstream” media!).

In a few paragraphs I covered a handful of consistent themes and what one could absolutely say and not say, regarding each of them – all mindless drivel, of course (the Green Economy, the evil of firearms, the “Arab Spring” ‘people’s revolution,’ the plight of the Palestinians due to the oppression of Israel, homosexuality and same-sex marriage and adoption good, Boy Scouts evil, etc.). My point was that I wouldn’t dream of wasting a second (nor could I stand it, frankly) listening to or watching them.

I confess, I did watch once in the last probably ten years. It was when Channel 5 was doing a hit piece on me, constructing their own conspiracy theory that I worked for Joseph Farah (WND). Morgan Loew (Morgan Loew | Phoenix, AZ Investigative Reporter Bio – CBS 5 – KPHO

Award-winning 5i Team reporter Morgan Loew is an Arizona native with an interest in uncovering corruption and injustice in his home state – what a cover/joke!), whom I had never before met or heard of, went all the say to Surprise, AZ to find me, one warm summer night at 9:00 after I had spoken to the Surprise Tea Party. He was stunned, I think, to find someone who neither apologized for, nor was embarrassed by his sure knowledge that the UFO in the Oval Office (Unidentified Foreign Occupant) was entirely illegitimate – and who could factually defend the obvious.

A few weeks later after Sheriff Arpaio’s second press conference reporting the results of his investigation of the president’s key identifying documents I interviewed Melissa Blasius of Channel 12. I had also never heard of her, but she openly acknowledged on camera that she knew who I was.

Shortly thereafter I questioned Congressman Trent Franks at a public gathering, and when I identified myself he too said that he knew who I was. I say this to boast, of course, but more importantly, to make the point that while all of these celebrities (elites) somehow knew me, I knew none of them (although I had heard of Trent Franks). They knew of me, of course, because of the REAL media in today’s world, the Internet.

Yes, there is much that is false, along with much that is true there. Unlike the OEM, however, there one can get numerous (“both”) sides of every story or issue. The point of all of this being that the very elites of the Ruling Class – government and establishment media – are attuned to the information available on the Internet, while, sadly, even many who profess to be “conservative” continue to abjectly waste their time watching the OEM in order, they say, to “be informed.”

Would they have read Pravda in order to learn the truth about the Soviet Union back in the day? (Today, of course, Pravda is a far more legitimate source than any of the now government-controlled instruments of propaganda in our once-free United States of America. The Pravda has actually covered the illegitimacy of our Undocumented Commander in Chief, as just one example.)

I realized years ago, during the Clinton Impeachment, when the Nashville Tennessean (or Banner?) was vigorously defending the Philanderer in Chief, that buying their paper was no different than sending money to the DNC, so I called them up and canceled my subscription, never again to waste my money in such a futile manner. (For the record, I will never again send money to the GOP.)

When you watch the following, you will perhaps be persuaded that you are NOT getting reporting, but a stunningly coordinated and scripted regurgitation of what SOMEONE else wants you to hear, even though the topic is itself completely innocuous. I have seen or heard, for the record, similar montages (probably put together by Rush) on far more sinister matters – such as Behghazi. The talking points were nearly identical in their phrasing, and repeated ad nauseum across the OEM.

So, my friends, NEVER believe that you need to subject yourself to the mindless mind control of the Left, in order to either “be informed” or “know what the other side is up to.” If you don’t already know, on nearly every subject, then you are simply not using your own God-given ability to reason. You’ll hear it all summed up by the so-called “conservative” press in any case. (I say so-called because the vast majority of even those so professing conform to the straight-jacket “norms” of political correctness, mandated by the very people they presume to oppose.)

Tom Ballantyne – Author

P.S. When my wife and I lived in Palm Desert,CA, during the Prop 8 battle for Traditional Marriage, some five years ago, I had absolute certainty that we would win…and we did. Those of my coworkers who read the local “news” papers, however, did not share my confidence. Sadly, they accepted at face value that these ever-predictable instruments of mis-information actually represented the pulse of the People, when their mission (not necessarily that of each of those in their employ, but certainly of those who control them) is to shape the narrative to their own world view.

Hint: George Soros is not interested in seeing that those in his vast employ report the truth. His ONLY interest is that they further his perverse and destructive paradigm of an “Open Society” – AKA One-World Government, a godless “Workers Paradise” (see Cuba, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the former Soviet Union, China, Korea, et al.) where the workers barely subsist, while working to support the Elite Ruling Class.

Trust your own judgement, my friends, and do not give it over to those who either knowingly or unknowingly would destroy both your freedom and your ability to reason. Truth is the enemy of those who would enslave us…and their Commander in Chief is none other than the Father of Lies. I speak not here of Barack Obama. He is merely a well-compensated puppet for a once-prominent “Son of the Morning.”

In the end, each of us will either be saved by, or crushed by, the truth…but we won’t get it from the always-smiling talking heads of network news. What we will get from them, will be the best that “the World” has to offer…and it will be almost totally devoid of lasting truth!

​This is short and sweet:

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