“If there’s any place for a zealot to shine…” Ann?

        Tea Party Response to 1-4-12 WND Article


So what, exactly, is a “zealot” in the mind of the one-time bomb-throwing sweetheart of the Conservative Right?  Let’s see…perhaps it is someone who stands and fights on principle (something she once did), as opposed to those who “mirror” (her word) the philosophy of a once revered “Conservative” (who will remain unnamed, in an uncharacteristic show of restraint on my part) who proudly proclaimed:  “If I can’t count the votes [in favor of my position], I won’t waste my time on [the issue].”  Sounds reasonable…right, Ann?


And then there are the words of the Senate Tea Party Caucus organizer and leader, Jim DeMint, who said:  “I do not want to be part of a party that doesn’t stand for anything!” – or words to that effect.  So, Dear Ann (not Landers…but getting closer), are we (you) now back to just “doing what it takes to win,” regardless of who we become in the process?


I was in the audience of the Tea Party-like group, when the unnamed freshman Congressman made his quickly-learned, all-wise, and all-knowing statement about only voting for issues for which he could “count the votes,” and I asked him:  “What about standing on principle, and convincing your fellow representatives to do what they know to be right?”  Once upon a time, Ann, doing that was known as leadership…and that is still what real leaders do!


But now you, Ann, have apparently gone back to the tried-and-untrue model of being “non-controversial” to everyone, in an effort to “not offend” anyone…and come away truly representing no one!  Haven’t we been on that path for our entire lifetimes, Ann?  (In case you haven’t noticed, we have, and it has led us to a point in our history, where we have such low regard for the Constitution – and the Rule of Law under the Constitution – that a man like Barack Obama could even be discussed…and WE have had enough!)


Are you giddy, Ann, that John McCain has now “thrown in with” Mitt Romney?  Are you not, in fact, sickened by it?  This is the esteemed Senator who just sponsored the National Defense Authorization Act – which the Administration believes gives the president unilateral powers to “declare” (and detain, without trial or legal remedies) U.S. citizens as “enemy combatants.”  Fortunately for us, Ann, the Administration “has pledged not to use this power”[1] – which should allow us all to “sleep at night”… perhaps like the young Elian Gonzalez, after similar “assurances” from then-Attorney General Janet Reno!


So yes, Ann, the current front-runner, a man whom I believe to be both honest and sincere, but whom I have never once heard reference the concept of “restoring the Constitution,” (or anything remotely similar thereto) may, in fact, be “electable” as you so earnestly stress!


Would he be better than Barack Obama?  Could anyone be worse…other than, perhaps, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi (in the absence of Anthony Weiner or Alan Grayson)?  We’re not looking for the “not the Obama” candidate here, Ann.  We’re looking for someone who will seek to TURN THE SHIP OF STATE AROUND…not just slow its intractable course before it runs aground!


But let’s get to the heart of your article…or attack, Ann:


“Some Republicans, we were led to believe, would only be satisfied with angry denunciations of Obama as a Kenyan colonialist and demands for Barack Obama’s birth certificate – without ever spending five minutes of calm contemplation to see that he had already produced it.”  (Emphasis added.)


The combination of arrogance and ignorance displayed by that statement is indeed jaw-dropping, Ann!  I realize that it has been several decades since you got your first driver’s license, but just picture going into your local DPS, and when they ask you for proof of citizenship (perhaps a Social Security Card – oops! – but for sure a certified birth certificate), you tell them that the latter is on your “Myspace”  page.  I’m sure they will just ask for the URL, and then, without further question, proceed to issue the license…once you have passed the required tests, etc.  (And “If you’ll buy that…” – you know the drill, Ann!)


So, this obviously is a bit higher of a bar than that which you, Ann, would require for admittance to the highest office in the known world…which, of course, includes access to the nuclear launch codes (a security clearance for which the president-elect – from wherever he might hail – could not even begin to qualify, given his clandestine past!).


The good news for you, Ann, is that by taking this position, and mocking obvious “zealots” like me (and the rest of the Tea Party – who are surely not “normal” or “mainstream” Americans, from your vantage point) who do, in fact, believe that no one is above the law – even the “Commander in Chief of the American Army” – you are assured of retaining your “intellectual credentials” with those in the Ruling  Class!  (BTW, Ann, if you had done your homework, you would recognize the source of that last quote.  It was John  Jay, in his letter to the  President of the Constitutional Convention, George Washington – the first person to occupy the position of Commander in Chief – in which letter Jay recommended  the “natural born citizen” requirement to hold our nation’s highest position of trust…but I digress!)


Yes, Ann, by joining with cultural elites like Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow (both of whom remain virtually unwatched by any but the Far Left), you can at least breathe easy on this subject, and not worry about being classed as a “zealot” yourself!


What we will “be satisfied with,” Ann, is someone who will actually stand and fight for what MOST Americans still believe…and that isn’t some watered down version of “social justice,” but an actual return to FREEDOM…and all of the other values that made this country great!


Unlike you, Ann, I firmly believe that in order to win the hearts and minds of the American People, one needn’t shy away from boldly articulating those values, clearly and forcefully, but rather, do precisely that!  That, my friend, is what real leaders do.  Politicians, on the other hand, think only in terms of being “electable,” so they do what our new American Monarch does, and say whatever they (or their teleprompter) ”think” will appeal to the broadest audience…and that, for most of America, is not “change we can believe in!”

[1] http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-250_162-57343287/wh-oks-military-detention-of-terrorism-suspects/

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