About the Author

Here is a little about myself and my background.

I was born (and subsequently raised) in Houston, Texas in 1950.  (Yes, I’m telling you that!)  I have a sister and two brothers.  The brothers are “mostly” conservative, the sister lived “inside the Beltway” for the majority of her adult life.  Need I say more?

My wife, Jan, and I met at the University of Texas, and were married in Logan, UT.  We have since become the parents of eight wonderful children – all born in Houston.  We relocated to Arizona in 2003, where we now live surrounded by our children and 23 grandchildren.

Some 25-30 years ago we moved to Nashville, TN, where we raised our children.  It was there that I had my first taste of citizen involvement.  I became a regular caller on the Phil Valentine radio talk-show.  My ‘handle’ was “Tom from Brentwood” (There were a few imposters!)

Towards the end of our time in Music City, I became involved in what became known as the “Tennessee Tax Revolt.” It was the “original” Tea Party – of modern times, at least.  We would gather with our signs at Legislative Plaza, at the foot of the state capitol, and thousands of people would drive by and honk if they opposed the income tax. Not only did they honk, but they would drive around the plaza over and over, honking as they went.  The noise was deafening, and the excitement, contagious – and we defeated the income tax!  (To this day, some 9-10 years later, Tennessee still does not have one!)

I attempted to write a book about the experience, but ran out of money (I had a family to support!), and put the manuscript aside.  Nevertheless, I learned much through the process and have written several books since.  I hope this one will play a role in influencing the good people of this country to step forward and reinstate their authority!  We are in a battle for the soul of our country, and we intend to win!  I ask only that we each do what we individually know to be right!  As we do that, and let our family and friends know clearly where we stand, we will succeed!