An Open Letter to Glenn Beck, et al. after Arpaio Press Conference – March 1, 2012

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck, et al.

(including – but not limited to – Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingram, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levine, and less notably Barry Young and Michelle Larsen)

From A Tea Party Activist and Recovering (Beck) Addict….

Submitted to WND by T. M. Ballantyne, Jr.

3 March 2012

For clarification, I could have no doubt included in that list Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer (and probably the rest of the Beltway Boys), but to my knowledge they haven’t viciously attacked those who rightly recognize the eligibility of the Commander in Chief to hold office as “not incidental” to our liberty. (To their discredit, they have marginalized the issue itself, however.)

By way of further clarification, I could also have included in that list such names as Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Bill “Million Dollar” Maher (one of the 99%?), Keith “To-Extreme-Even-For MSNBC” (How is that possible?) Olbermann, and Jon Stewart (along with his 4 or 5 script writers), as each of the above obviously occupies the same vacuous position as those on my “A” List. In truth, of course, I have only scratched the surface of the Good Morning America and Ladies of the View hosts – past and present – and virtually every other Hollywood and Manhattan/D.C. media star and starlet one might name, with a few notable exceptions. (The obvious difference, of course, is that we expect those on the “B” List to shill for all-things-Obama. We do not, however, expect that from those who stress such quaint concepts as “truth” and the “rule of law” – and, oh yeah, what was it called? “the Constitution”…but I digress.


Let me simply address the one-time de-facto (now “de-fecto”?) leader of the Tea Party movement, recovering addict Glenn Beck. I don’t mention that to embarrass Glenn, as he has thoroughly vetted (and “outed”) himself on that account. I just thought that it would be quaint to highlight our shared life experiences. You see, I was once addicted to…not alcohol, or drugs, but to, well, Glenn’s daily diatribes, in which he pointed out with relentless zeal (as well as accuracy) the pointed refusals of those in the Sorros-dominated media and underworld of “philanthropy” (go figure…) to acknowledge blatantly obvious truth.


And then along came a fraud so big that it could easily blow the lid off of, say, the Tea Pot (Dome) scandal…and Glenn was nowhere to be found. Well, not exactly…. He was actually everywhere to be found…mocking both the notion that the UFO in the White House (Unidentified Foreign Occupant?) should have to meet Constitutional muster, and anyone so bereft of reason that he (or she) could conclude otherwise.


But wait, along came…not John, but almost…Sheriff Joe. So much for the relentless pursuit of the truth, for our (my) one-time hero, the feckless…excuse me, fearless, Glenn Beck! (No, I clearly had it right the first time.)


I will end my own diatribe by simply saying that having been in a self-induced (fooled you!) twelve-step program since Glenn went AWOL on this issue (following pal O’Reilly’s lead) about a year ago (I chronicle all of this and volumes more in great detail in Oh Really, O’Reilly!), I accidentally came across his radio “program” last night at about 7:30 Phoenix time – some thirty hours after the Sheriff’s Press Conference. I listened for what may have been thirty seconds max, and immediately noted (with interest) that he and his sad sidekick (sorry!) were talking about the “otherwise good on issues…such as immigration” Sheriff Joe.


Not a word of refutation of anything factual. No, not one! Just a merciless mocking of the entire “misguided” effort to prove what I believe he referred to as a “Communist implant” theory. While I hasten to add that I never warmed to his obviously-stress-releasing (for him, at least) collision of “news and [out of control] entertainment,” last night’s hilarity was easily an all-time high – make that low. When I saw that there would be nary a word of substantive relevance, but only the usual Alinsky-inspired ad hominem, ad absurdum, I switched the dial…this time, for the last time!


While I hate to make this too personal (I wrote my first political book as a result of attending Glenn’s 8/28/2011 DC Rally), I must be honest about the blatant dishonesty of one of my own. Apparently Glenn never got the memo (or definition) on honesty. If he had read Steven Covey’s Seven Habits, he would have learned that one “can’t pick up one end of the stick, without picking up the other.” IOW, you can’t be guilty of absolutely abandoning the truth (not to mention scorning all who won’t join you in your abhorrent abdication) on the one hand, and expect to remain trustworthy on the other.


Doesn’t work that way, Glenn. You see, my friend, we don’t get to pick and choose when we will be honest. We either are, or we aren’t. You and your new pals on the Left aren’t…and that can only change if and when you repent and put down the stick. Let me end by congratulating both you and O’Reilly – along with everyone else on my “A” List – for without your complicity (i.e., total and absolute cooperation), the worst president (can’t bring myself to capitalize that…. Sorry!) in history (far worse than your beloved Woodrow Wilson) has been able to remain in office long enough to earn that title…and wreak havoc on both the economy and the Constitution – the very thing that could have, and should have, stopped him…but I digress!


P.S. For the record, Glenn, this is far from over, thanks to Joseph Farah, Jerome Corsi, Mike Zullo, Brian Reilly (the originator of the Posse idea), and, last of all, your new fave, Glenn, Sheriff


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2 Responses to An Open Letter to Glenn Beck, et al. after Arpaio Press Conference – March 1, 2012

  1. Gabor Zolna says:

    Great email addressing Glenn Beck and companies idiot ranting on Sheriff Joe and his posses conclusions, I might add that those conclusions are irrefutable, proven by forensic and scientific fact. Hopefully Joseph Farah will publish your comments on WDN.

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