About the Title

It must be apparent to anyone versed in the lore of the first American Revolution that my title was taken from the most influential political tract in our nation’s history – and, no doubt, the most important pamphlet in all of history – Common Sense, by Thomas Paine. It was also, of course, borrowed and used most recently as the title of the New York Time’s #1 Best Seller, by my (and America’s) good friend, Glenn Beck. So why UnCommon Sense?

Well, I first meant it to reflect the fact that what was once common sense, and obvious to virtually everyone, has become entirely un-common today – at least in the public discourse. The principles upon which this nation was founded, however, remain both common sense and obvious to the vast majority of hard-working Americans today!

I’m talking about the bedrock principles of individual liberty – the right to govern our own lives – hard work, and self-determination – the freedom to decide who and what we will be, without anything or anybody telling us that we can’t – and personal accountability. These are the principles and values that made this the once freest and most prosperous nation ever to be found on Earth!

While working with my daughter Jodee, a photographer and graphic designer, on the book’s cover, I learned that she assumed that the term (uncommon) referred to the fact that what passes today as reason or intelligence among the ruling elites is, in fact, un-common sense – if it can be called “sense” at all.

The sad thing, of course (and this is what a good part of this book is about) is that the “discourse” of the elites – from the lecture halls and classrooms of college campuses nationwide, to virtually every local and national radio and TV “news” cast and “news” paper in the country –
defines the discourse of the entire populace…and it is indeed un – common sense!

Fortunately, WE THE PEOPLE still know better, and it is with our own “common sense” that we will once more, save this nation! It is my sincere hope that the common sense facts and solutions outlined herein will arm us for the battle that lies ahead….