Cover Story

Some five weeks ago, on the 28th of August, 2010, hundreds of thousands of the “soul of America” gathered on the Washington Mall, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, to participate in the “Restoring Honor” rally organized and presented by radio/tv talk-show host, Glenn Beck.

Wanting to be a part of this national gathering, of those committed to restoring the country to the principles that had made it great, I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by a son-in-law and two of my grandsons.

The cover photo was taken by my son-in-law, and shows his son up in one of the trees lining the mall, observing the rally from his exalted vantage point. Unlike most adults, my grandson can see things through “unblemished” eyes – “above the fray,” so to speak. He has no “agenda” or party affiliation! He also represents our nation’s future!

It is my hope that both he and his younger brother will remember the weekend on which they went to our nation’s capitol to stand with his father and grandfather, to celebrate our nation’s greatness, and restore its timeless values. We concluded our time there by visiting Arlington National Cemetery. It is indeed hallowed ground, and my younger grandson especially seemed to sense its sacred nature.

One key message during the rally that morning, was that “One person can change the world!” and “That one person is you!” And so he challenged each of us, to “do our part” to restore our nation to its original stature, as a beacon of freedom and prosperity – or words to that effect. He further challenged us to find out what we individually could do to make a difference. So I accepted his challenge, and some six weeks later had “found my voice” in the process of writing this book. Doing so has galvanized my own resolve!

I therefore dedicate this book to all those who gathered on the Mall on 28 August, 2010, to stand up for America…and to all those who will gather at the polls, on November 2nd, to begin the process of restoring our country, and our way of life. May God bless us in our determination to do so…and may God bless America!