It is with both focused determination and supreme confidence that I address those among us that still cherish freedom, as we live in a day when the timeless principles upon which this nation was founded are under assault. There are among us those who, by their own admission, use or create either real or perceived circumstances, in order to facilitate further government intrusion into our laws and our lives. For now they have succeeded at both finding and creating the crises they have needed and sought, in order to carry out their camouflaged designs. Now, we, as a nation, and as a people, are stepping forward to deny them the misfortune of “fundamentally transforming” the greatest nation on Earth…and we will succeed!

In reality, we have been doing so since the beginning of this most recent onslaught against our freedoms and our sovereign will as a people. Our country and its Constitution have been steadily eroded, both prior to and throughout our lifetimes, but we once again find ourselves on the brink of total abandonment of the principles and ideals announced to the world in both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

While the once “mainstream” media – now, at the very least, collusive with our unconstitutional and, therefore, unlawful government – disparages the true mainstream of this great nation (the 912-ers, the Tea Party, the everyday citizens throughout the country running for state and national office), and trumpets the message that amidst a nearly 10% reported unemployment we are in “Recovery Summer,” not only is our economy far worse than at any previous period in our lifetimes, but every step the government has taken – and continues to take – could only be calculated to cripple us or bring us to our knees!

“Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one.”

Thomas Paine – Common Sense
“The greatest [calamity] which could befall [us would be] submission to a government of unlimited powers.”

Thomas Jefferson – Declaration and Protest of Virginia, 1825

The good news, however, is that we as a people have awakened! We have seen and – more importantly – felt the effects of a state-controlled economy, buttressed by an apparently state-controlled establishment media, while an unconstitutional system of unelected, and unaccountable Czars (expanded under the previous Administration) with radical resumes and agenda, seeks to control virtually every aspect of our lives with wanton disregard, even disdain, for the Constitution and our unalienable rights…and we are outraged by it!

While our country as a whole began to pull away sharply from its constitutional moorings nearly a hundred years ago, under President Woodrow Wilson – with the introduction of the “progressive” income tax and the establishment of the Federal Reserve – after the Great Depression and World War II our hope in general, and faith in our systems of government and free-enterprise, were so renewed that as a nation we once again began to prosper exceedingly.

Unfortunately we prospered to such a degree that as a nation we began to focus solely on creating wealth, and indulging ourselves in the fruits thereof. This resulted in the false security that our government and our elected leaders would always do what was in our best interest. Under this delusion we continued to focus on work and wealth, and we failed to watch what was going on, or to hold our elected officials accountable, as our government grew wildly, spilling far beyond its constitutional bounds; growing from expenditures of $35 Billion in 1947 to $3.5 Trillion last year (2009) – a growth of 100 times its size in just over 60 years! (
The deficit grew from (a surplus) of $4 Billion in 1947, to $3.1 Billion in 1950, to $1.6 Trillion this year – a growth of 500+ times in 60 years!

During roughly that same time period, the US population grew from 150,697,361 in 1950*, to 310,406,312 today**, approximately doubling, while government spending increased a hundredfold!

* us/census/national-1790-2000.html

Now that we are awake, we must arrest the rising tide that threatens to sweep away all that we hold dear. Now is the time, and I have every confidence that we will succeed in this hour of our country’s greatest need!

For those who love “the world,” and the “praise of men,” more than they love the truth, and the Author of all truth, all that they are left with is the “foolishness of men.” Built upon a foundation of falsehoods, they can only arrive at, frankly, comical (yet absurd) conclusions. Thus a “celebrity,” or public figure, can exult in the philosophy of Mao (Former White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn –, or the genius of Fidel:

“Meeting Fidel Castro were (sic) the eight most important hours of my life.”
Steven Spielberg

“Viva Fidel! Viva Che [Guevarra]! Castro is the most honest and courageous politician I’ve ever met.”
Jesse Jackson

“Very selfless and moral. One of the world’s wisest men.”
Oliver Stone
“Cuba’s Elvis.”
Dan Rather

“A Dream come true.” (Who’s dream?)
Supermodel Naomi Campbell

“Socialism works. I think Cuba can prove that.”
Chevy Chase

“Castro is an extraordinary man. He is warm and understanding and seems extremely humane.”
Gina Lollobrigida

Both Mao and Fidel were responsible for not only enslaving, but for killing thousands of people (millions in the case of Mao), along with another Hollywood favorite, “Che” (Guevarra), and yet they are all but worshipped by the Left. While the “progressives” feign shock and dismay when the politicians and policies they support and promote are even insinuated to be “socialist,” they – unlike the vast majority of Americans – clearly embrace the demonstrably false assertion that “Socialism works”!

This is who and what we are up against – all denials by themselves (and those among them who occupy the media spotlight) to the contrary. They in no way represent the heart and soul of America, and their vision for a ‘fundamentally transformed’ “America” will not stand! However,

“We are not [finished]!” In fact, [We] have just begun to fight!”

Glenn Beck/John Paul Jones