The Hypocrisy of “Diversity”….

I’m sure we are all aware that “diversity” is simply the code word for acceptance of sexual deviance. The term “bullying” is likewise specifically designed to protect certain privileged lifestyles. I suspect that some of us are aware that “bullying” has been going on as long as civilization itself. It isn’t a good thing, of course, but that is why we have families, friends, and good people to come to the rescue of those who are being abused. We don’t need the intervention of legalized criminals such as Eric Holder to “assist” with these matters, when they themselves are the promoters of the very things they pretend to oppose. (Witness the “Justice” Department’s fomenting of racial unrest in the wake of the Trevon Martin media circus, while blatantly ignoring countless acts of brutal black-on-white attacks and beatings nationwide.)

The following was posted in response to an article about A&E’s decision to reinstate Phil Robertson (and ultimately Duck Dynasty, as there would have been no Duck Dynasty without him):

Note that A & E pushes for “acceptance of all people.” They make no distinction between “tolerance” – which they also encourage…while not tolerating Phil’s views and those of the vast majority of Americans: i.e., that homosexuality is, indeed, sin – and “acceptance.” As Christians we do not hate sinners, but we do hate the sins which enslave them and lead to the entrapment of others in those same sinful lifestyles. So tolerance is one thing, acceptance is quite another. Until God redefines morality – which He never will – we will not “accept” homosexuality or any other form of immorality. So, those who are “committed” to their own brand of sin and immorality will simply have to “accept” that God and those who “accept” his teachings will never “accept” their practice. Both acceptance and tolerance are a two-way street. That is precisely why we have the First Amendment…which specifically protects the right to speak out either for or against that which others believe and practice. We can – and should – also do that without hatred…all of us!

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