I have had the pleasure of attending a number of meetings at which Tom Ballantyne was a guest speaker and, based on those experiences, invited him to speak at our Pinal 9-12 Tea Party in Casa Grande, AZ. Our group found Tom an excellent speaker knowledgeable on the issues facing our great nation. His comfortable presentation style and conversational manner of answering questions worked well with our members. We will be asking Tom to speak to us again and I heartily recommend him as a speaker.

– Stephen Kohut, Pinal 9-12 Tea Party Facilitator and Pinal County Republican Chairman

Mr. Thomas Ballantyne has presented his works to the Original North Phoenix Tea Party and will again address our group this coming Monday evening, February 21st. I heartily recommend Mr. Ballantyne as a speaker.

- Wes Harris, Founder of the Original North Phoenix Tea Party

Tom is a true patriot who loves his country and has an engaging way of speaking his mind. He has given two interesting ‘talks’ to our Tea Party group and our members learned some interesting facts in an interesting way. Tom, in his easy manner, keeps his audience attentive, and his presentation is friendly, yet professional and informative. I recommend him as a guest speaker who the audience will appreciate having taken the time to hear.

- Ann Stevens, Leader of the Southeast Valley Tea Party Patriots