The State of the Union. Happy New Year, America!

Well, here we are wrapping up the third year in our “fundamentally transformed” America…and all I can do is shake my head in disbelief, as well as displeasure!  Most of us have lived the better part of our lives in what was the freest and most prosperous nation on Earth.  Yes, we were aware that there were gross inequities – namely slavery, and the aftermath of racial prejudice and hatred left in its wake – coming from both sides.  It was ugly, and it was wrong.  Are there still racists?  Of course there are.  Are they all of one skin color?  Of course they are not.  Racism is simply one of countless expressions of man’s darker or more primitive self, and all enlightened people abhor it.

With that acknowledgement, I will repeat that this nation has produced more freedom and greater prosperity than any other nation in history.  Those nations which have pretended to be all for the “working man” and governmental control of the means of production, the market, and the economy, have with no known exception resulted in starvation, murder, and enslavement of entire segments of their populations – from Stallinist Russia, to Nazi Germany, to Fidel Castro’s “island paradise.”  Yes, those were wonderful experiments in destroying people’s God-given freedoms, and their sacred right of both choice and conscience (and everything that goes with them), for the ostensible purpose of “freeing” them from economic bondage…only to produce the worst kind of bondage – both economic and otherwise.  In a word, they have all failed…and failed miserably – without exception!

So where are we today?  We are in a mad rush to do everything we can to model our once-great nation after all of these colossal failures…all in the name of enlightenment and compassion.  We live in a country being ruled by a man and an administration which has no regard for our freedoms, for the Constitution, or for the Rule of Law.  The illegal occupant of the People’s House flaunts his illegality by mocking all as “carnival barkers” who dare assert the simple Constitutional requirement that he, our elected leader, be “natural-born.”  He has admitted that he is not, as his own website states that his father was a Kenyan (British) - not a U.S. – citizen.  (For any who doubt this, I refer them to my recently-released book, Oh Really, O’Reilly! – available through this website.)

Meanwhile, we have a “Republican-controlled” House, which is paralyzed with the fear of being criticized by an establishment media that has lost its readership and viewership to the point of all but irrelevancy, while these same “leaders” ignorantly ignore (alliteration intended) the vast mainstream of the country who elected them.  And so, in their cowardly self-imposed paralysis, they refuse to do the simple work of demanding that the unidentified foreign occupant (UFO) of the Oval Office prove his legitimacy; nor will they demand that he cease to rule by Executive Order – including the sending of U.S. troops or the employing of other military means to enter into “kinetic exercises” (military operations once referred to simply as “war”), without the consent of Congress. 

And why?  One presumes because the president-elect is at least partially of African descent.  And so, with clearly the most lawless Department of “Justice” and Attorney General in our nation’s history, we are told that his only opposition stems from objections to the color of his skin…and the “Repubican-controlled” U.S. House quivers in its boots.  (At least when the Democrats controlled Congress we knew what to expect!)

Meanwhile, the People of this country, are not fooled by this rabid exercise in the demonization of one’s political opponents, called for by the man from whom our E-Verify president received his radical training, Saul Alinsky.  We see it for what it is, a cheap political trick for covering up a complete absence of truth in one’s governing philosophy.  In a word, Statism, of whatever kind, never has, nor ever will work, for it is founded upon principles that are counter to every correct rule of governance ever given by God to man. 

“We will either be ruled by God [and enjoy the freedoms that He has so graciously given us], or we will be ruled by tyrants  (Ben Franklin).” If we are not ruled by God, however, we will never be free!  And in the “bargain” we will be impoverished as well, but most will not live to “enjoy” what Alinsky (and Marx) referred to as the “workers paradise.”

And this, my friends, is the “fundamental transformation” so highly esteemed by our current ruler.  How does it feel America?  It’s too bad that the majority still aren’t bright enough to “just say yes.”  Such mental prowess is apparently reserved to those who call themselves “progressive.” 

Would that we could all be so enlightened…!


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